Experience a tailor-made service of personalised food and drink options and directions from an Edinburgh hospitality expert. Take the guesswork and stress out of your travels, knowing that each meal will be something to remember.

Based on your preferences, we’ll shape your experience by offering a range of options and make all the necessary bookings, leaving you with nothing more to do than simply enjoy the best that Edinburgh has to offer.


Exploredi is an Edinburgh food and drinks website, created by an industry veteran, whose passion and knowledge is focused on bridging the divide between quality venues and their staff with the general public, making it an inclusive experience for all.

Look here for articles, exclusive interviews, and guides to the city, along with reviews for quality locations.


Travel can typically mean two things:

  1. Tireless research across various conflicting - and often unreliable-  travel websites to try and find a consensus on what is good and what is bad
  2. Improvising, following your nose, and often hoping for the best


Stop guessing and let [email protected] do the research for you.


Through a short, smart-thinking survey, we research and round-up the best food and drink options for the area you are based in--or advise travelling farther afield if you like to explore. We can even take the hassle of planning travel and checking on your flight details, leaving you with more time to focus on exploring and enjoying.

With your unique experience all lined up, you can then keep track of your itinerary with an easy-to-navigate interactive app, or a simple PDF document that has everything you need for your visit.